Product Development

At Solid Fusion Technology we specialise in turning your ideas into sophisticated electronic products through high quality electrical engineering design to produce quality results that meet your business needs and delight your customers. Solid Fusion Technology can design the intricate electronics for printed circuit boards, assemble products, and code firmware for microprocessors controlling WiFi/Bluetooth/RF communications and other functions.  In collaboration with our partners we can even design stylish and functional packaging to make your products stand out.

Partnering with Solid Fusion Technology for your electronics design and production we will help you achieve the business results you want from your innovations.



Solid Fusion Technology has the experience, skills and on-site equipment to turn your ideas into real products. Our lead electronic designer will work closely with you to explore the nature of your idea and help you to understand the time, costs and technical requirements to develop your idea into a reliable and robust product.


Solid Fusion Technology will then produce a prototype for proof of concept and conduct field testing. We will provide a detailed report on the design and function of the product with recommendations for future improvements. Solid Fusion Technology will then recommend proceeding to certification and transitioning to pre-production.


Solid Fusion Technology can then have your product manufactured and assembled either locally or offshore depending on your preference.

Support and documentation

Solid Fusion Technology is committed to its valued customers and we provide high level industry standard product support, firmware updates, upgrades and repair services for products we produce.

Supporting product documentation and user guides are also created for products we make to ensure you and your customers are fully aware of the capabilities of the product.