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Solid Fusion Technology is a niche digital electronics development and small scale production business. Principle Andre Schoeman has more than 20 years of international industry experience.

SolidFusion Technology is a Brisbane-Australia based business established in 2008. Andre provides your project with a breadth of development capabilities across Electronics, Micro-processor control technology and embedded system software design.

Integrated Wireless communications solutions via GSM, Bluetooth , ANT and TI 2.4GHz are a speciality. Remote control and system surveillance are enhanced with the right choice of communications protocol for your product.

A wide range of Micro-processor controllers (from the very simple through to a sophisticated high-end spec.) can be integrated into your product. Andre’s industry proven approach to product and system development ensures you get design flexibility during development and prototyping.

With a significant background in bringing electronic products to market the ‘Bill of Materials’ for your electronics will contain the right choice of component for your application and at the right price.

And with a systematic and elegant programming approach you can be assured that stability, reliability and high performance will be a feature of your final product.

Electronic Engineering services:

  • Circuit design
  • Schematic capture
  • PCB design

Product development from concept to production:

  • Prototyping
  • Component procurement
  • Product assembly
  • After sales support

Integrated/embedded Software development:

  • Embedded C/C++/assembler
  • RTOS (uCOS II)
  • Embedded GUI development

Microprocessor control systems:

  • AVR tiny/mega/xmega (ATMEL)
  • ARM7 (SAM7)
  • ARM Cortex-M3 (NXP LPC)
  • STM8L (ST Micro)
  • Other (8051/Microchip PIC/Fujitsu/Hitachi)

Integrated Wireless communications:

  • GSM modules from Wavecom/Sony-Ericson/Siemens
  • Bluetooth (Bluegiga)
  • ANT+Sport
  • TI 2.4GHz CC2500

Recent development areas include:

  • Low Power FM transmitters (SiLabs)
  • Stepper motor control
  • DC motor actuator control
  • Accelerometers
  • Load cells
  • OLED LCD’s
  • Liquid flow control using peristaltic pumps

Source: http://onsonginnovation.com/solid-fusion-technology-andre-schoeman/